Die Gattung Byturus ist in Europa außer mit Byturus ochraceus nur noch mit der sehr ähnlichen Art Byturus tomentosus vertreten. nec (Linnaeus, 1758) Byturus bicolor Reitter, 1911 Byturus fleischeri Plavilstshikov, 1924 Byturus fumatus auct. Byturus ochraceus (Scriba, 1790) Taxonomy: Polyphaga > Cucujoidea > Byturidae > Byturus > Byturus ochraceus. Distribution (may take a … The two species are very hard to tell apart, the difference being in the eyes and genitals. Den adskiller sig ved at have væsentligt større øjne, som mindst er så lange som 1.-4. følehornsled tilsammen samt ved at pronotum er bredere, næsten dobbelt så bredt som langt. Scientific Name: Byturus ochraceus Byturus ochraceus and Byturus tomentosus are the only two representatives of their family in Western Europe. så lange som 1.-3. følehornsled tilsammen. Byturus ochraceus L. (Byturidae) - atlas of beetles of Russia Byturus ochraceus (Scriba, 1790) (Byturidae) - photo by V.I. nec (Fabricius, 1775) Byturus rosae Scopoli Byturidae (Palaearctic Region) Byturus ochraceus: tomentosus Derudover har den et smallere pronotum, som kun er 2/3 bredere end det på midten er langt. Byturus tomentosus (De Geer, 1774) : Known as a pest of Raspberries, B. tormentosus is a very common beetle. B. ochraceus is the more local species, occurring through England north to north Yorkshire but appears to be absent from … Description. Hindbærbille kendes på at have mindre øjne, som kun er ca. Seven species in three genera are recognized for the family Byturidae in Asia: Byturus tomentosus (De Geer), B. affinis Reitter, B. ochraceus (Scriba), B. wittmeri Sen Gupta, Xerasia variegata Lewis, X. punica Goodrich and Springer, and Byturodes grahami Barber. Usually, however, B. ochraceus is slightly bigger, darker and concentrates on plants of the Buttercup family, while the true Raspberry Beetle, B. tomentosus … Byturus ochraceus ist ein Käfer aus der Familie der Blütenfresser (Byturidae). The following names are placed in new synonymy: Byturus … Both European species of Byturus occur in the U.K. Byturus tomentosus is generally common throughout England and Wales and there are records scattered through Scotland and Northern Ireland. Forveksling: Den forveksles meget ofte med slægtningen Byturus ochraceus, som ved første øjekast ligner meget. Images. It is often found on flowers, which is where this one was taken at Sherwood Forest in July 2008, with a sweep net. Alekseev Byturus tomentosus (Byturidae) - atlas of beetles of Russia Dermestes ochraceus Scriba, 1790 o Byturus aestivus auct. datasets have provided data to the NBN Atlas for this species.. Browse the list of datasets and find organisations you can join if you are interested in participating in a survey for species like Byturus tomentosus (De Geer, 1774) Forveksling: Familiens eneste anden art, Hindbærbille (Byturus tomentosus), forveksles ofte med B. ochraceus.