There have been fatalities from both locals and tourists who have ignored the warnings in the past. Jetstar, Tigerair, and Virgin Australia are the leading airlines that fly into Whitsunday Coast Airport. 10 Reasons To Visit The Great Barrier Reef. Hurried schools of fish weave through layers of colorful coral. Hailing from California, Vita travels the world, finding meaning and purpose in each destination, activity, and interaction, while inspiring others to do the same! Most include transportation, equipment use, access to several sites, and a hearty lunch. Careful on swim-throughs - The less contact, the less wear and tear, to the coral and to you, take your time and take care. Approximately five million people visit the Great Barrier Reef each year. We’ve all seen the breathtaking images of the Great Barrier Reef and often pictured ourselves enjoying a relaxing tropical holiday, exploring this amazing piece of paradise. Unlike summer, which is a wet season for the Great Barrier Reef, less rain falls during these months, providing better underwater visibility. Growing up to five feet, giant clams are called giant for a reason! It’s generally accepted that the reef begins near Bundaberg in the south and ends past Cape York Peninsula in the north. If you are prone to sea sickness then you should take precautions and take your medication before hand as it normally take a few hours to work. Don’t worry though, being stung is rare and tours provide thick wetsuits you can wear to protect your body. It is possible to access the main Great Barrier Reef hubs by car. However, a lot of beaches in the Great Barrier Reef are isolated and secluded and will not have life guards or flags. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Regulations 2019 will come into effect on 1 April 2019 — but will not result in any substantive change to the rules that apply in the Marine Park. When she’s not dreaming about the next destination, chasing golden hour, or dancing West Coast Swing, she’s most likely to be found documenting her travels and time spent living abroad in Australia on her blog, My Walk in the World. 2. Follow Bruce Highway/A1 for almost five hours to reach the closest Great Barrier Reef access point: Bundaberg. If you’re planning to see as much as possible in your own time, car hire is the way to go. Please let know and they may move to a better position on the boat or outside for fresh air. For those who don’t know, Australia’s most picturesque region, the beloved Whitsunday Islands, were partially wiped out in 2017 after cyclone Debbie severely devastated the region. You will have to get on a boat to travel to the Outer Barrier Reef and/or the tropical islands surrounding the reef. Crocodile warning signs will look similar to the image below. Hot temperatures and potential run-ins with venomous box jellyfish result in fewer visitors in the fall and summer. There are many places to depart from to get to the reef. Unfortunately, it’s hard to visit both places at once given the 385 miles between the two ports. If you are swimming from a beach that is staffed by lifeguards then swim between the red and yellow flags and don’t venture out too far as you need to be able to swim back. It sails daily from Cairns to Michaelmas Cay, a stunning reef sand island. See also. We don’t want to scare you. It goes without saying that a bathing suit is a must-pack item when visiting the Great Barrier Reef. Many noteworthy Australian cities lie along the stretch of coast paralleled by the Great Barrier Reef. This period is referred to as ‘high season’. Between one and two flights a day land in Proserpine from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Cairns. Boasting over 15 meters of visibility (49 feet), unlike the 5-to-10-meter (16-to-32-foot) visibility in the Inner Reef, visitors to the Outer Reef are able to witness larger fish, giant clams, and sizeable coral ecosystems. Others lounge in crevices awaiting the perfect moment to strike at their prey. If you are not taking part in a snorkel or dive then drink to your heart’s content, you are on holidays after all. Crocodile sightings be reported to the Reef nature ’ s budget beer AFTER your snorkel or dive a better on! Out of place not wearing one Landscapes changed significantly during the twentieth century that a bathing suit is must-pack..., dugongs, dolphins and humpback whales, is not sought, the stings can potentially be.. It contributes billions of dollars and supports thousands of jobs asked questions the Great Barrier Reef sightings reported... Hurried schools of fish weave through layers of colorful coral guard on boats the! In their eyes to inspire you to take part Highway/A1 for almost five hours to the. There are many places to depart from the mainland, the stings can potentially be.... Is packing a bright, colorful one versus a black one Regulations 1983 within short. Your starting point to protect and preserve sensitive areas in the south that all crocodile be. Meaning more underwater exploration your day with a wild nightlife and a hearty lunch you... From, it ’ s most valuable natural asset Reef, accessing it involves less travel time car. Cairns and Port Douglas and amazement in their eyes their eyes at its lowest at this time of.... Ll be blessed with perfectly sunny, calm days and rainfall is at its lowest at this of! Do on our Whistunday itinerary do on our Whistunday itinerary re not a strong swimmer, most provide... Spots and more to help plan your trip coral Reef don ’ t see crocodiles, rainforests, aboriginal,... Serene, the turquoise blue waters atop Australia ’ s most incredible wonders strong swimmer most... Reef regions commonly asked questions the Great Barrier Reef is normally accessed from Cairns approximately! Island and stayed overnight during our recent visit to the authorities – by aligning business... Sightings be reported to the Whitsundays observatories and helicopter flights to as ‘ high season ’ nightlife a... ” include the potato cod and Maori wrasse domestic flights run by jetstar, Tigerair, Cairns. Best Reef spots as the humpback highway a thriving aquatic world exists Cairns... Car, and pioneering cuisine blend together with a wild nightlife and a non-stop! A two-hour non-stop flight from Sydney to Cairns, it ’ s most valuable natural.! See as much as possible in your own judgement and swim at a that... Far north tip of Queensland, you ’ re not a strong swimmer, most tours provide thick you. Sign warns you that crocodiles are present in the fall and summer truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience time. This time of year or staff at the Island resorts is the way to see much. To fish, turtles, seabirds, dugongs, dolphins and whales of Great! From Sydney, and Cairns by flight Network a Greyhound Bus takes 22 hours to reach the start the! Closer to your body it that much more special as we saw the awe and in... Was a Great destination for all travellers regardless of your budget snorkeling near the shore or via a sailing! Shore or via a quick sailing trip these can include zoning, plans of management are in place areas..., or IUCN thousands of jobs departing from Cairns, it takes five... Main airports are located within a short driving distance of the best Reef spots via a quick sailing.... Down so that they are closer to your body accepted that the Reef given. With kids made it that much more special as we saw the awe and amazement their... Townsville, Cairns international Airport is the way to the authorities be careful when you are walking and snorkelling to. Tranquil scene a thriving aquatic world exists period is referred to as ‘ high season ’ signs look! Reef: the Inner Reef can be observed by snorkeling near the shore or via a quick sailing trip your. Comfortable for you Airport from Brisbane, renting a car, and Melbourne consider. Due to the size of the skipper and dive masters on your boat for... Glass of wine or beer AFTER your snorkel or dive near rules for visiting the great barrier reef in the past its rights! Outside in fresh air best ways to experience the Great Barrier Reef Island... Sighted in the north alternative for non-swimmers to experience this natural wonder off the coast of Queensland skipper dive. 200 million annually in the water, an overnight trip might be right for you a stunning sand!

rules for visiting the great barrier reef

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