Currency and trade wars invariably go together. No. [91] Raja Mohan, Director of the Institute of South Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore, writes that the growing power imbalance between China and India is the main cause of the dispute, with everything else such as the location of the dispute or international ties of India, being mere detail. | Part 1", "How a strip of road led to China, India's worst stand-off in years", China's Infrastructure in Tibet And Pok – Implications And Options For India, "18 Modi-Xi meetings, several pacts: killings breach consensus, dent diplomacy", "Indian and Chinese soldiers injured in cross-border fistfight, says Delhi", "India, China troops clash in Sikkim, pull back after dialogue", "China flexing military muscle in border dispute with India", "Will India Side With the West Against China? She points out that the troops were from the Wuhan area (a sub-provincial city of Hubei), the original epicenter of the coronavirus and that the "swift mobilization" would also mean the troops weren't acclimatized for the high altitude battleground of eastern Ladakh. km of area in Ladakh, say intelligence inputs", "Chinese building helipad in Pangong Tso, massing troops on southern bank of lake", "Carved Maps, Ancient Names, Additional build Up: A Close Up of Chinese Posturing at Pangong Tso", "Chinese Inscribe Huge Symbol, Map Onto Disputed Territory In Pangong", "India sending high-powered boats to match heavier Chinese vessels while patrolling Ladakh lake", "LAC face-off: High-speed interceptor boats being sent to Pangong lake", "Before Moscow pact, Indian and Chinese troops fired 100-200 rounds on Pangong north bank", "India, China Fired 100-200 'Warning Shots' At Pangong In Early September", "Indian Army's control of hilltops on south bank of Pangong Lake irks China", "India, China in Another Stand-Off in Eastern Ladakh as PLA Intrudes Into Pangong Tso Southern Bank", "India China border news; India Army, IAF chiefs visit forward areas as China moves more forces near Chushul", "India and China Face Off Again at Border as Troops Move In", "The Special Frontier Force: Tibetan refugees, once trained with US help", "Explained: What is the Special Frontier Force or Vikas Battalion? [417] Further, China warned India on 31 July 2020 that a "forced decoupling" of the economies of both countries will only result in both economies getting hurt, a lose—lose situation. Also, and crucially unlike us, China is preparing for the next type of war. While the Indian Army already had multiple boat patrolling teams stationed, the Indian Navy, in July 2020, was called in to match the presence of the Chinese Type 928 B vessels at the lake. Optical fibre cables are being laid for its frontline troops at the faceoff sites in Pangong Tso and Gogra-Hot Springs area. [430], Chinese media have given little to no attention to the dispute and have downplayed the clashes. RADM Philipose George Pynumootil(Flag Officer Naval Aviation)[1][6] [234], A large part of the logistical requirements on the Indian side is in the form of fuel, oil and lubricants (FOLs). Post-Covid, we would be wise to build a new global consensus on which punitive measures are suited to states that violate our cyber or biological safety. Kartha also mentions other attempts of propaganda by the Chinese, including reports of deploying karate fighters, capabilities of is naval prowess, 'power messaging' by Xi such as his directive to PLA to get ready for war, the usage of "wolf warriors" such as Hou Yanqi, the Chinese Ambassador to Nepal; while statements directed at keeping friendly relations, especially with the business community of the world are made by other senior officials such as China’s Foreign Minister. [427], Tara Kartha, a former director in the National Security Council Secretariat of India, in August 2020, wrote on China's psy–ops and propaganda during the skirmishes. The heights mentioned include Rezang La, Reqin La, Black Top, Hanan, Helmet, Gurung Hill, Gorkha Hill and Magar Hill. [46][47] The revocation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, in August 2019, by the Indian government has also troubled the Chinese. 7 injured[20] [291] On 6 November, the eighth corps-commander-level meeting took place. China border row adds to India's unease over RCEP", "Border Conflict Does Little to Damp Chinese Phone Sales in India", "As Boycott China Trends on Social Media, OnePlus 8 Pro Sells Out Within Minutes", "Anti-China sentiment may not hit business; Xiaomi India MD tells why", "Boycott China: Xiaomi more Indian than local handset companies, says India MD", "CAIT condemns Jain for saying anti-China sentiments are on social media only", "CAIT condemns Xiaomi India head comment", "TTK Prestige to stop imports from China", "India's China Border Face-Off Fuels a Wallet War", "India tells Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm Mall and all others to show 'country of origin' next to the products", "Plans to do business with China worth Rs 900 crore shelved, says Hero Cycles", "Chinese Firm Is IPL Sponsor, But People Told To Boycott Goods: Omar Abdullah", "IPL to lose big if Chinese brands cannot advertise", "Omar Abdullah, Surjewala slam IPL's move to retain Chinese sponsors", "RSS-affiliated organization threatens to boycott IPL after BCCI decides to continue Chinese sponsorship", "Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo pulls out as title sponsor of IPL 2020", "Vivo pulls out as 2020 IPL sponsor amid India-China border row", "After TV sets & tyres, govt bans AC imports", "India Bans Nearly 60 Chinese Apps, Including TikTok and WeChat", "Explained: How will the ban of TikTok and other Chinese apps be enforced; what will be the impact? [15] According to Gen VK Singh, an unconfirmed number of Chinese soldiers were also captured and later released by India. At each of these places, around 800–1,000 Chinese soldiers reportedly crossed the LAC and settled at a place about 2–3 km (1–2 mi) from the border, pitching tents and deploying heavy vehicles and monitoring equipment. [244] China is also seeking to set up military logistics facilities in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. [360] V.K. [357], The issue of Chinese materials in Indian Army bulletproof vests was again raised in June after the Galwan incidents. [170] The clash took place near the fast-flowing Galwan River, and some soldiers from both sides fell into a rivulet and were killed or injured. [26][27] The EurAsian Times stated that the Chinese "have a huge build-up including military-style bunkers, new permanent structures, military trucks, and road-building equipment". Gen Bipin Rawat(Chief of Defence Staff) [260] The MEA spokesperson's statement on the incident was also removed from Weibo. ", "China-India border clash stokes contrasting domestic responses", "Chinese President Xi Jinping meets PLA, urges battle preparedness", "Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Gave a Step-by-Step Account of the Galwan Valley Incident", "Chinese Ambassador to India H.E. Indian reports stated that it was then that PLA troops fired 10 – 15 rounds. The incident involved a brawl between scores of soldiers, with opposing sides also throwing stones at one another. [310] Before the national day of Taiwan on 10 October 2020, China issued guidelines, which were taken are as a warning or threat, for the Indian media over coverage of the national day. Troops usually resolve such issues by using mutually established protocols". [129] China has installed cameras, motion sensors and other surveillance equipment along the LAC. [80] Also in mid-June 2020, BJP member of Parliament from Arunachal Pradesh Tapir Gao acknowledged the presence of regular Chinese patrols inside north-east India as well. [289] On 13 October, the seventh round of military commanders talks in Chushul took place; while the talks were called positive, on ground issues and tensions remain. Please click here to submit your pitch. [383], On 29 June, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese mobile applications including TikTok, WeChat, UC Browser, SHAREit and Baidu Maps. [15][23] Later the Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Indian Army denied any detention of Indian soldiers. China holds firing practice near LAC in bid to spook Indian troops", "Chinese media largely quiet on standoff", "How Indian and Chinese media reported the deadly Ladakh clash", "Sino-Indian border clashes were largely ignored by Chinese media", "China blocks Indian media websites, INS seeks govt action", "What a tangled web New India's defence analysts weaved around Chinese incursions", "Indian, Chinese newspapers report India-China clashes", "Times Now Used Fake WhatsApp Forward With Names of '30 Dead Chinese Soldiers, "Times Now falls for fake WhatsApp forward listing names of 30 dead Chinese soldiers", "Ladakh clash: Times Now falls for fake WhatsApp list naming 30 dead Chinese soldiers", "India and China's border spat is turning into an all-out media war", "Worst Clash in Decades on Disputed India-China Border Kills 20 Indian Troops", "Himalayan flashpoint could spiral out of control as India and China face off", "Two nuclear-armed states with chequered past clash: How foreign media reacted to India-China faceoff", "In social media battle against India, Chinese users deploy memes from Pakistani Twitterverse", "India-China stand-off: China social media companies black out India version", "As China's global media influence grows, so does the pushback", "Does TikTok censor content that's critical of China? [26][27] According to Indian sources, melee fighting on 15/16 June 2020 resulted in the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers (including an officer)[28] and casualties of 43 Chinese soldiers (including the death of an officer). We must first understand what happened, and grasp how it came that we so willingly handed China the very tools by which to defeat us. Air Force Gen. Xu Qiliang(CMC vice-chairman) Do we take that bait and prepare for war too? So what is the solution? [222] In July, Stratfor reported that the Chinese have built 26 new temporary barracks and 22 new bases along the Indian border; "a mix of permanent and semi-permanent positions". On June 15, 2020 at Galwan Valley, Col B Santosh Babu Commanding Officer, 16 Bihar led the Quick Reaction Force of 16 Bihar and attached troops tasked to evict the PLA OP from Gen AY Nala and move further to Patrolling Point 14. [351][352], Numerous Indian government officials said that border tensions would have no impact on trade between the two countries. "[399] Stone pelters in Srinagar used slogans such as "cheen aya, cheen aya" (transl. where has China reached?). [243], Linkage of border tension and bilateral relations, India's statements about transgressions, incursions, intrusions and infiltration, Official statements on territorial sovereignty, Xi Jinping is holding the positions of the, China tends not to It's a signal", "Indian Navy Sent Warship To South China Sea After Ladakh Clash: Report", "Indian Navy deploys warship in South China Sea 2 months after Galwan clash", "India's Fingers have come under Chinese boots. This includes multiple rounds of colonel, brigadier and major general rank dialogue, special representatives' meetings,[c][52][53] meetings of the 'Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination on China-India Border Affairs' (WMCC),[d][55] meetings and communication between the foreign ministers and the defense ministers. 76 injured (18 serious, 58 minor injuries)[16], Indian sources: [56] On 6 November, the eighth corps-commander-level meeting took place. [292] The Business Standard wrote there will be further loss of Indian territory due to a 'mutual pullback agreement'. [357] An example taken was the pharmaceutical industry in India which meets 70% of its active pharmaceutical ingredient requirements from China. [44][210] Apart from completing the DS–DBO Road the workers would also be assisting the BRO in the construction of other border roads. Our Army took necessary action against these attempts. [216] Two new marinas at Pangong Tso have also been built. ", "South China Sea: As China deploys bomber, Vietnam briefs India about deteriorating situation | India News - Times of India", "The Next Front in the India-China Conflict Could Be a Thai Canal", "US vs China: South China Sea drills centered on submarine warfare", "PLA opens three fronts in South China Sea to distract the world from Ladakh", "Low public support for US intervention in an India-China war: Survey", "Boycott China: Indian community protests outside Chinese consulate in Canada", "Regional Tibetan Youth Congress holds anti-China protest outside Chinese Consulate in Toronto", "Japan: Indians, Taiwanese, others protest against Chinese President Xi Jinping's 'dictatorial style of working, "Indian-American community holds 'Boycott China' protest at Times Square in New York", "Ladakh standoff: Indian, Taiwanese, Tibetan Americans protest at Times Square", "Indian-Americans protest China's aggression against India, human rights violations of Uyghurs", "China's border invasion will push India toward the U.S.", "China believes India wants Aksai Chin back. A Test Is at Hand", "China's 'salami-slicing tactics' displays disregard for India's efforts at peace", "Chinese Army May Have Provoked Clash To 'Grab Indian Territory': US Senator", "Modi is standing aside as China seizes our land, says furious BJP politician from border region", "Successive govts have neglected border areas of Ladakh: Nyoma's BDC chair", "Flagging Chinese incursions for long, Galwan flare-up was waiting to happen: Ladakh leaders", "Chinese PLA patrolling in Arunachal, time for action on the border: BJP MP Tapir Gao", "China was surprised in Doklam, never thought India would challenge it: China expert Yun Sun", "China raking border issue to curb internal issues, COVID-19 paranoia: Lobsang Sangay", "LAC stand-off will go on unless Tibet issue is resolved, says exiled govt", "Beijing is not going to withdraw its soldiers: Jayadeva Ranade", "Here's Why All's Not Well for India on the Ladakh Front", "There is a Global Dimension to the India-China Confrontation in Ladakh", "Trump's embrace of Modi stokes India-China stand-off in Himalayas", "India's China standoff shows risks of getting too close to Donald Trump", "China now has the military power to alter territorial status quo", "70 yrs on, India's Tibet dilemma remains. China poses the greatest threat to the U.S. and democracy around the world since Nazi Germany, and policy makers must be prepared for a prolonged period of … [55] Chinese spokesperson, Zhao Lijian said that India "agreed to and withdrew its cross-border personnel in the Galwan Valley and dismantled the crossing facilities in accordance with China's request". [33] As of 30 July, disengagement remained incomplete at Pangong Tso and at PP 17A Gogra while "complete disengagement and de-escalation" between India and China was remaining. [280][281] On day 100 of the border tensions The Week reported a statement from a defence official based in the Secretariat Building in New Delhi, "Indian military planners believe that things seem to be out of their control. [511] Tibetan-American, Taiwanese-American, and Indian-American held a rally at Times Square in New York raising placards with slogans such as 'Boycott China', 'Tibet stands with India' and 'Stop Chinese Aggression'. [q][230][232] Amidst the standoff, India completed military logistics sharing agreements with partners in the Quad— Japan, Australia and United States. [173] Most of the soldiers who were killed fell to their deaths after losing their footing or being pushed off a ridge. [273][274], On 25 July, Indian media reported a completion of disengagement at Galwan, Hot Springs and Gogra. According to Mitch McConnell, US Senate Majority Leader, and Ashley Tellis, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, one reason is China's territory grabbing technique, also referred to as 'salami slicing', which involves encroaching upon small parts of enemy territory over a large period of time. [398] Khalid Shah, an Associate fellow at ORF, writes that at large the Kashmiri population has "left no stone unturned to mock the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the Chinese belligerence. The Chinese claim lines are 5 km further west of bottleneck. We have been outmaneuvered, but this pandemic has magnified our failures and brought them to the fore. [286] Following the 14–hour talks, a joint statement was released, which included both sides having agreed to "stop sending more troops to the frontline". [392], On 8 August, the Business Today reported that mainland China's exports to India since January 2020, amidst the boycott calls, had fallen 24.7 per cent year-on-year according to the Government of India's customs data. [34][35] The Indian Army has maintained that it will continue enhanced deployment of troops even through winter if the disengagement process is not complete. China sees it as a threat to its "territorial integrity", which it will not sacrifice for the sake of good relations with India. [223][224] In September, Stratfor reported that since the beginning of the standoff, the construction of four new heliports has started. [227] New Chinese ammunition bunkers were also reported 7 km from the 2017 site. This included the Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle and Rudram-1, an air-to-surface anti-radiation missile. [211] Starting from June, the government announced up to 170% increase in minimum wages for those working along the India-China border, with the highest increase in wages going to employees in Ladakh. [172] Several news outlets stated that 10 Indian soldiers, including 4 officers, were taken captive and then released by the Chinese on 18 June. [422][423][424] China's information warfare focused on trying to portray India as the aggressor and at the same time used the state media to repeatedly emphasize China's economic and military power. [358][359] By the end of June, some analysts agreed that the border tensions between India and China would give the Make in India campaign a boost and increase the pace of achieving self-reliance in some sectors. [409] In an interview to The Guardian, Cai Xia, expelled from the CCP on 17 August 2020, said that the recent India-China border clash and "provoking conflict" elsewhere was part of Xi's way to "divert the attention of the Chinese public" from "domestic economic and social tensions" as well as "to consolidate his own position and authority". However, China seriously under-estimated the following world-wide response: President Trump will win big-time in 2020 and he will have a conservative House and Senate; Trump is draining the swamp. Jonathan Chatwin reviews China’s Good War by Rana Mitter. [37] Some of these heights are in the grey zone of the LAC and overlook Chinese camps. It would also mean areas beyond PP14 are now out of bounds. [93][94][95][96], A June 2020 report from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace said that there have been simultaneous efforts by China to occupy land at multiple locations along the Sino-Indian border. "[503], Maria Siow, East Asia regional analyst for the South China Morning Post, wrote about the India-Vietnam military alliance in the South China Sea region as a counter to the China–Pakistan alliance. [117] Satellite imagery from between 12 and 26 June, by Planet Labs shows that the Chinese army increased infrastructure between Finger 4 and 5 on a massive scale, which includes tents, trenches, water tanks and stationed equipment and vehicles along with some camouflaged structures. The PLA Western Theatre Command spokesperson also claimed the Indian Army had crossed the LAC to enter the "Shenpao mountain region". Following this, the Indian embassy in China issued a clarification on its Weibo account that the post wasn't removed by them, and re-published a screenshot of the statement in Chinese. [283] On 21 September, the sixth commander-level meeting took place at Chushul-Moldo BPM. We must minimise our total global supply-chain dependency on China, or any one nation for that matter. The Planet Labs imagery also showed terrain inscribed with the Mandarin Chinese name of China, Zhongguo, along with the present day map of China on the shore of the lake between Finger 4 and 5. [353][354][355][356] Experts also stated that while the boycott campaign was a good initiative, replacement products should be available in the immediate future too.

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